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Logo bianco e nero dell'allevamento Ukiyo Kensha

Are you looking for shiba puppies? Ukiyo Kensha is a kennel of Shiba Inu and Kai ken located in the province of Padua, active since 2014 and recognized by Enci/FCI since 2020. The interest in Japanese culture in all its forms is the basis of our passion for these breeds: the Shiba, a small dog that embodies the many facets of a fascinating world, the Kai ken as mysterious and yet to be discovered as the land of the Rising Sun.

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"To live moment by moment, to turn entirely to the moon, the snow, the cherry blossoms and the red leaves of the maples, to sing songs, to drink sake, to console oneself by forgetting reality, not to worry about the misery that faces us, not to be discouraged, to be like an empty gourd floating on the current of water: this, I call ukiyo." ​

Asai Ryōi, Tales of the Floating World 

(Ukiyo monogatari – 1662)

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